Poetry & Prose


*Excerpts from “Amadeus”



Welcome to Lowell


My senses adapt to flashin’ lights, sound of fire engines runnin’

Tint of blue and red got the whole block flooded

Walker street—blocked off from Broadway to Pawtucket

Finish 22 bottle’a Bud Light—got me buzzin’.

11:30 pm--what goin’ on in Lowell Mass.?—this is what it is…

Smoke and flames—drama, trauma, so here we go again…

House fire—knocked on the door, somebody phoned it in.

Make my way through the crowd formin’ in the ‘hood…


Some Asians show me love…

Boots straight-laced—no look on my face, I show ‘em mug

We exchange nods—they sayin’ “what’s up”


Down the middle’a the street I stride…

Once again the lights almost got me hypnotized

Back at the crib I sip another brew, I sit and write--that’s how this devised.

Future wiz an’ I, talkin’ wisdom good and bad

No profit grow where there’s no pleasure to be had

Eliot Church on Summer street—attendin’ the mass

Have Faith in Dad—no longer led astray by feelin’ happy, mad, or sad.

On the roof gazin’ up—the starry night it glow

Spirituality and art—talkin’ ‘bout Vincent Van Gogh…

Blue eyes, red beard—said I look like him yo

Ain’t no darkness in my soul

Ain’t got no ears so ain’t got nuttin’ for no ho.

Respect the young woman next to me—call her wifey, my counterpart

 Stare into space farther than sound—so far

God sent—made me harder than crowbar


Been in the streets…

Black or white—don’t matter to me

Need peace—material greed can’t satisfy me (ha ha).


Father God He keep on callin’ me…

I gotta crawl on my knees…

Prostrated since I was bought and conceived…

Christ paid the price, Moms and Pops provided natural life…

And by the way the beat ride—you can tell it’s a fight

Promise you this—even when I leave—still won’t die.


(Lover of God).